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IoT Solution Optimizer Performance Summary

Configuration Summary

Mobile Network Operator

  • Telekom (Germany)

Access Technology

  • LTE-M (LTE Category M)

IoT Vertical

Asset Tracking



Communication Activity

Configured Number of Transactions per Day

Deployment Characteristics

LTE-M Outdoor (CE-Level 0)
50.00 %
LTE-M Indoor (CE-Level 1)
50.00 %
Mobility Model
Distance Travelled each Day
20.00 km
International Roaming
Deployment Temperature
16.0 °C

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IoT Device Battery Lifetime Estimates (LTE-M)


We are currently modeling your results. This may take some time.

It was not possible to calculate results for your project. Please contact Tool Support.

These results are not intended to be used as sole inputs for product development activities. Please consult your component suppliers for more detailed guidance.

Battery self-discharge and the impact of temperature are modeled to the best of our ability, as per the battery supplier’s provided data at 16°C. Please note that modeling of the battery is approximate; for a more detailed analysis, please contact your supplier.

The calculations use power measurements taken for the selected chipset/module at ca. 22°C and 3.6V, under the following network conditions:

Downlink Uplink
LTE-M CE-Level 0
RSRP: -118 dBm
SINR: -1 dB
Values for Uplink RSRP and SINR are approx. similar to those of Downlink RSRP and SINR.
LTE-M CE-Level 1
RSRP: -126 dBm
SINR: -5 dB